Cowl Ventilator – VI

Printed Parts
Just got the parts back from Shapeways. I placed the order on the 23rd of the month and they shipped them on the 28th!
print_1Here’s how it comes from Shapeways. The smallest ventilators are in a separate baggie. The larger bag was inside a box packed with styrofoam nuggets.

The photos below are how they came from the company. I haven’t cleaned them yet but they are pretty clean of the wax support material as they are. I will still clean them though using Bestine.

print_largeCVThis is the largest Cowl Ventilator. The cowl is 0.876 O.D. and the trunk is 0.438 O.D. with a 0.340 O.D. ‘stud’. The 0.438 and 0.340 dimensions are those of Evergreen #234 tubing. This will allow making the trunk as long as needed.
print_mediumCVThis is the medium sized cowl ventilator. The cowl is 0.688 O.D. and the trunk is 0.344 O.D. with a 0.288 O.D. stud. The 0.344 O.D and 0.288 O.D. dimensions match Evergreen #231 tubing so the trunk can be made as long as needed.
print_smallCV_wfingersThis is the smallest cowl ventilator (N scale). The cowl is 0.250 O.D. and the trunk is 0.125 O.D. with a 0.069 O.D. stud. The 0.125 O.D. and 0.069 O.D. dimensions match Evergreen #224 tubing so the trunk can be made as long as needed.

(Excuse the rough looking fingers. I was out earlier putting brake drums and shoes on my truck)

print_all_wnickleFinally, a photo with all three grouped together with a nickel. I’ll take some more photos after I have cleaned and primered them but I wanted to get these photos out now.
primer_1The ventilators were sanded lightly with 600 grit sandpaper, primed, sanded again and primed. The hardest thing is that they are so darn small this is a relatively delicate operation. I wonder if a Q-Tip with rubbing compound might work. Still .. think they came out pretty well.
smallprimedA close-up of the small ventilator. I used a buffing compound – Porter Cable #3 and polished the cowl inside a bit with a Q-Tip.

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