MPL Part VI – The Curvy Bit

That Darn Curve!
I can imagine someone reading through the four parts and say something like .. “Well .. that’s nice .. I suppose. Too bad he couldn’t make the bottom of the pan curve like in the drawing …”

Hrrrummpffhh!! I say!

Let’s take a lookie
VerticalAndCurvyBitThe “Pan”. Hmmmm. Well .. it is straight to just below the Pin Striping – about where the Red Arrow is pointing. Isn’t that something? They took the time to Pin Strip the bays .. another time .. another world.

Then it curves in .. I call this the “Curvy Bit” .. Blue Arrow pointing.

Pan Bottom
PanBottomI’ll call it that .. the “Pan Bottom”. In effect it is the bottom of the box I drew around the pan shape. Here I Shift + Clicked the four lines forming that plane and the plane surface so they would show up in the screen grab. We will manipulate that surface next.

This is just to make it obviou as to what we will be working with.

– Push/Pull with an Addition
NewPanPlaneSelect the bottom surface of the pan model by clicking the surface with the black arrow cursor. Next, select the Push/Pull Tool (P).

NOW .. tap the Cntrl key. If you look at the Push/Pull Tool you will see a little + sign pop up next to the tool. What that means is that when you Push/Pull the surface/plane you are pushing against will remain where it was .. and a new plane will be created and pushed along.

Remember .. that curve starts just below the pin striping. So .. with the Push/Pull Tool .. with + .. PUSH that surface up to you see the New Plane at that point and release the mouse.

Curvy Bit Ends
CurvyBitEndsNow .. Select the Tape Measure tool (T) and click on the vertical line forming the corner of the pan. Then come right until the Dashed Guideline intersects where the curve of the pan runs against the IBeam. Click to set the guide/reference line.
LIneEndofCurvyBitNow rotate the model counter-clockwise and down a bit. The graphic goes away .. and I can see what the heck I am doing.

Select the Line Tool (L) and draw a line on top of the Guide line .. between the two planes. You can then delete the Guide line.

LineCenterOfCurvyBitSelect the Line Tool (L) again. Hover over the center of the horizontal lines that form the “Curvy Bit Box”. When over center blue dot will appear and a Tool Tip will tell you “Midpoint”. Draw the line here.
EraseRedBitsI rotated the model a bit so you can see underneath. Select the Eraser Tool (E) and delete everything in red. To do this wipe the eraser across the very bottom horizontal lines.and the one vertical line to the right of the white square. Remember .. if you mess up and delete something you shouldn’t have use Alt + Backspace to Unerase it.

Sometimes when using the eraser, it is easier to rotate the model so that there is only desktop behind the bit you are erasing.

– The Dangle
TheDangleWhat you are left with is this one little piece that dangles on the end. We will construct the arc that forms the curve on this .. using it as a easel .. as it were.
MakeArcNew tool. Select the Arc Tool (A). Click once where the ‘dangle’ meets the corner of the pan and once on the lower back corner. This sets the ends of the arc. Now .. as you move the cursor around an arc forms between those two anchored points. Move it until you get a nice arc between the two points and click a third time to set the arc.
FinishedDangleSelect the Eraser Tool (E) and swipe across the lines forming the lower corner formed by the arc to delete it. We are left now with the shape that will form the curve around the base of the pan.
Form Pan Curve
CreatePanPathRotate the model up so you can see the bottom. I selected the second plane surface we created and hit delete to get it out of the line of fire.

Now hold down the Shift key .. and click each line along the bottom until all five turn blue (selected). What this is doing is creating a Path .. that we will form our ‘dangle’ down to form the curved bottom.

FMHoverNew tool! Finally .. select the Follow Me Tool. That is the one that looks like a hockey puck with a red arrow and red tail curving out of it. If in doubt hover over the icons for a Tool Tip identification. Hover over the ‘dangle’. As in the graphic .. the surface under the Follow Me Tool will change to a Halftone pattern.
CurvedBottomClick the surface of the ‘dangle’ with the Follow Me tool. Shazam .. there is your curvy bottom.
BottomOpeningAddLineOne final thing. We deleted the bottom earlier when we were deleting lines like mad. Rotate the model a bit if needed so you can get good eyes on that open bottom. Select the Line Tool (L) and draw a line OVER the top of any line formed by any two points along the open bottom.
FilledPanBottomThis fills in the opening in the bottom of the pan. Hooaah!!
Compare to Drawing
CompareBottomsClick the Filename button (Fig.43_cropped) so that the graphic reappears and the model rotates back onto it. There you have it .. the curvy bottom for the pan.

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