Turnout Const. – Pt V

Closure Rail

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Once the frog flangeways are finished to your satisfaction, as determined by the NMRA gauge, it is time to cut the closure rails to length, fabricate the tie bar and solder it in place. If you are filing your points, you should have already cut the points to length and sharpened them. If so, skip to the tie bar fabrication.

Using the lines on the template tack the closure rails in the proper place, assuming the turnout aligned for the straight path.

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I cut my tie bars from .015” brass sheet. I double check the length against the tie bar on the commercial turnout I used to create the template. Darken one side of the tie bar with the Sharpie and then mark an “X” from corner to corner to locate the center. Punch and drill a hole in the center using the 00-90 clearance bit.

Set the tie bar on the rail webs at the end of the points, adjust the curved point as necessary to get a good fit. It should look like this:

Solder tie bar in place

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Slather everything up with rosin flux, solder the tie bar into place, and trim the points to length as indicated on the template. It should look like this:

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